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About DuoVEC

DuoVEC is a xeno-free supplement optimized for human endothelial cells (hEC) culture.
Human umbilical vein endothelial cells (HUVEC) culturing in DuoVEC express typical EC protein markers throughout P1 to P7 and the cell doubling time < 40 hours.

Storage : -15°C or below, protect from light.
Shelf Life : 12 months
Avoid freeze / thaw cycles

Product NameCatalog NumberSizeGrade
DuoVEC – Supplement 50XDVM500-S10mLResearch Use Only



Research in endothelial cells have always been a hotspot in biomedical area for the following reasons: cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death worldwide; angiogenesis plays a curtail part in tumor formation; and due to the shortage of corneal donation. It’s known that ECs take part in blood pressure regulation, arteriosclerosis, angiogenesis, coagulation and so on. HUVEC provide a classic model system to study many aspects of endothelial function and disease, including cardiovascular and metabolic diseases. This model is still widely used today mainly because of the high HUVEC isolation success rate.

  • DuoVEC is a supplement optimized for hEC culture, the xeno-free formula gave it the potential of bridging research use to clinical use. And it’s been tested that HUVEC culturing in medium with FBS can be transfer to DuoVEC culture system.
  • DuoVEC is manufactured under GMP and ISO 13485 certified factory, and culture performance is tested from batch to batch.


Cell morphology of HUVEC primary culture in DuoVEC


The umbilical cord surface was washed with IMDM (or PBS), and the same medium was injected inside the umbilical vein by syringe to remove the clots. IMDM with 2 mg/ml collagenase NB 4(SERVA) was then injected into the umbilical vein and left for 30 minutes at room temperature. The medium was then squeezed out from the umbilical cord and centrifugate at 15,000 rpm for 5 minutes. The cells were seeded on a 100 mm TC treated culture plates pre-coated with 10 ug/ml fibronectin. The pictures were taken 5 days after isolation.

Angiogenesis potential of HUVEC culturing using DuoVEC


HUVEC were isolated and cultured for 1 passage prior to this experiment. Cells were then seeded on 96 well culture plate pre-coated with 100 ul Matrigel. And the cells were left in a 37°C, 5%  CO₂ incubator for at least 4 hours before the pictures were taken.

HUVEC culturing in DuoVEC exhibit competitive growth rate to medium with FBS


Doubling time of HUVEC (from P4 to P6) culturing in :
1. DuoVEC
2. Brand B XF medium
3. Brand P FBS medium
4. Brand L FBS medium
HUVEC grow better in DuoVEC than in Brand B Xeno-Free medium.
DuoVEC provided competitive growth rate when culturing HUVEC compare to FBS medium.

HUVEC express typical endothelial markers when culturing in DuoVEC

Flow cytometry analysis of HUVEC cultured in DuoVEC at P1 and P7. CD31 and CD144 are both highly expressed.


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