Applications of Peripheral blood monocytes

About PCP

We verified the effect of PCP (peripheral blood cell purification) on Osteoarthritis with hospitals. Through industry-university cooperation, we have conducted clinical trials with several hospitals to verify the effect of PCP in controlling Osteoarthritis. We expected by separating and concentrating peripheral blood mononuclear cells in vitro, it can be developed into a fast, safe and effective treatment, and become a new treatment for OA.

Clinical trial of treating OA with PCP resulted in overall improvements in the patient’s pain rating index, symptoms, and other medical imaging reports, maintaining efficacy for almost two years. We continue to prepare clinical trials with control groups with medical image analysis to provide more rigorous scientific data.

Konzert® cell characteristics and the key features of 3A2C

  • Autologous, low risks of adverse effects.
  • Auto‐healing, both anti-inflammation and tissue regeneration.
  • Aseptic, single-use and closed automatic system.
  • Cell isolation, high-purity mononuclear cell isolation
  • Cell property, without changing the biological characteristics of the cell.

Main process

  1. Autologous peripheral blood collection
  2. Cell purification and concentration
  3. Injection at point-of-care

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