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About DuoEXO

DuoEXO is a xeno-free, phenol red-free supplement for human mesenchymal stem cell (hMSC) culture.
DuoEXO is optimized for studying and collecting Extracellular Vesicles (EVs). With the extremely low back ground noise, MSCs grow healthily and secreted EVs normally.

Storage : -15°C or below, protect from light.
Shelf Life : 12 months
Avoid freeze / thaw cycles

Product Name Catalog Number Size Grade
DuoEXO – Supplement 50X RUO003-S 10mL Research Use Only


Extracellular Vesicles(EVs) are gaining importance since early 2010s, and MSC derived EVs have been proven to be crucial in wound healing, angiogenesis and immune signaling. However, it’s not easy to collect and purify these EVs, since undesired exosomes are abundant in most MSC culture medium already.

  • DuoEXO is an EVs reduced xeno-free cell culture supplement for hMSC. Despite the low background noise, MSCs can secreted EVs and remain healthy for passages. DuoEXO make it easier to collect and study EVs from MSCs with less impurity.
  • DuoEXO is manufactured under GMP and ISO 13485 certified factory, and culture performance is tested from batch to batch.


Low background noise (nano-particles) in DuoEXO

DuoEXO 01
Numbers of nano-particles (diameter 50 ~ 200 nm) in basal medium with either :
A. 10% FBS
B. Brand S, exosome-depleted FBS
C. 10% ultracentrifugation FBS
D. Brand G, serum free medium
E. 5% hPL
The nano-particles in DuoEXO is 100 times smaller than in other medium.

Cells exhibit similar doubling time in either DuoEXO, 10% FBS or 5% hPL

DuoEXO 02
Doubling time of human umbilical cord-derived MSC (UC-MSC) cultured using either DuoEXO, 10% FBS or 5% hPL as supplement from P1 to P5.

MSCs derived exosomes are detected after culturing using DuoEXO analysis

Comparison of 5% hPL and DuoEXO : The left panel was medium only, and the right panel was medium after MSC cultured. Medium was collected and followed by ultracentrifugation and Western Blot. (CD9 : exosome marker)
The result demonstrates that before culture, unidentified exosomes were detected in 5% hPL but not in DuoEXO. And exosomes were detected in DuoEXO after cultured with MSCs.


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