DuoESy Medium kit

About DuoESy

DuoESy medium is a xeno free, pre-coating free and weekend
free medium for human pluripotent stem cell (hPSC) culture.

Storage : -15°C or below, protect from light.
Shelf Life : 12 months
Avoid freeze / thaw cycles

DuoESy-α and DuoESy-β are not to be sold separately.

Product NameCatalog NumberSizeGrade


(including DuoESy-α and DuoESy-β)

ERL001100 + 400 mLResearch Use Only
DuoESy-αERL001-α100 mLResearch Use Only
DuoESy-βERL001-β400 mLResearch Use Only


The potential and application of hPSC have always been the focus of research in biomedical area. Especially after the induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) technique was developed by Professor Yamanaka and followed by the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2012. The investment in hPSC research is even more tremendous.

But hPSC culture ex-vivo is rather complicated. Traditionally, a layer of “feeder cells” must be cultured prior to hPSC, and the hPSC can then be cultured on the feeder cells. The results can easily be affected by operational variations and cell-cell interactions.

Thanks to some of the big names in biochemical area, feeder cells are no longer required in hPSC culture. When pre-coating with certain extracellular matrix (ECM), hPSC can be cultured in-vitro without feeder cells. This makes hPSC culture easier than it used to be.

And now we have developed the next generation hPSC culture medium: DuoESy. Not only free from feeder cells but also free from pre-coating procedure. With our special formulation, the inconvenience of awaiting time and selecting pre-coating material is over.

DuoESy is a xeno free medium designed for hPSCs culture, manufactured under GMP and ISO 13485 certified factory. Using DuoESy to culture hPSC doesn’t require any other supplement, such as ROCK inhibitor or growth factors. This will also minimize human error.

With the weekend free culture option, DuoESy medium provide a better flexibility for your workflow. hPSCs remain undifferentiated and expand normally over 10 passages in DuoESy medium. With specific stimulations, these hPSCs could differentiate to three germ layer cells.

With the breakthrough of our DuoESy medium, hPSC culture and scale up become a lot easier.


ECM pre-coating is not necessary in hPSC culture using DuoESy

Either H9 (hESC) or 201B7 (hiPSC) were cultured using :

(A) Conventional medium on ECM pre-coated plate ;

(B) Conventional medium without ECM pre-coating ;

(C) DuoESy without ECM pre-coating.

hPSC can be cultured using DuoESy on cell culture plate from different brands without ECM pre-coating


hPSC were cultured using DuoESy medium on cell culture plate from either TPP, Falcon or Corning without ECM pre-coating.
Photos were taken from day 1 to 3.

hPSC culturing in DuoESy without ECM pre-coating exhibit similar doubling time to conventional medium


H9 (hESC) were cultured either using DuoESy without ECM pre-coating or using conventional medium on plate pre-coated with ECM.

Suggested hPSC culture procedure provides a weekend- free option


When follow the suggested procedure: Subculture on Monday and Thursday, and exchange medium on Tuesday and Friday respectively. Nothing else need to be done on Wednesday and weekend.

hPSC express pluripotency markers after cultured using DuoESy


hPSC express the pluripotency markers Oct-4, Sox-2 Nanog and c-Myc after cultured using DuoESy for more than 10 passages.


Flow cytometry of hPSC cultured using DuoESy. SSEA4 and Tra-1-60 markers are highly expressed.

hPSC could differentiate to three germ layer cells normally after cultured using DuoESy


Coating-Free Culture Medium for Establishing and Maintaining Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, Cell Transplantation 2023 Chih-Yao Lin , Yu-Yun Ching, Shih-Fang Wu, Yi-Ko Lee, Hueng-Chuen Fan , Liang-Yu Su , Su-Yi Tsai, Yu-Ching Chen, Ching-I Shen, and Hong-Lin Su

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